Giveaway Ideas For Businesses

Giveaway Ideas For Businesses

A giveaway is any form of goods given to another individual, usually by a business. Businesses of all sizes utilize giveaway ideas for businesses to increase client retention and satisfaction, preserve customer loyalty, and raise brand exposure. Sponsoring business giveaway ideas may also help attendees remember a particular company or brand, and being remembered can lead to additional sales and possibilities.

Everyone enjoys receiving something for free. Winning a giveaway contest is an exhilarating experience, regardless of the reward. Businesses frequently leverage the thrill of winning something by providing freebies to their consumers and followers.

This article will go through some of the most excellent business giveaway ideas.

So Here Are 23 Business Giveaway Ideas

1. Photo Contest

You may even flip the script and have potential clients submit your photos. There are several types of photo contests that you may host.

Create a contest in which your consumers may submit photos of themselves using your product if your small business has a large following. This contest is perfect for strengthening your existing client relationships.

You may even request images from non-clients to demonstrate how badly they desire the reward you’re providing. People are more inclined to check out your goods or service if they see multiple posts from satisfied consumers. You might gain many new clients for free if your photo contest goes viral. Alternatively, you may pay to have your competition promoted on social media account like an Instagram account

to guarantee that your material is seen by your target demographic.


The sweepstakes concept is straightforward: each client gets one chance to enter by taking some action with your company, for example, providing an email address or following your social media accounts, and then you’ll select a winner after the business giveaway ideas period. The reward can be whatever you choose, such as a free product or service from your firm or anything relevant to your business. This may be done in person by having new customers enter your business and put their names into the bucket or online using your social media platforms.

2. Start taking an Online Quiz.

Quizzes are an excellent method to enhance conversion rates, but they require a thorough understanding of your target audience. For example, if your audience is interested in beauty and fashion, they are unlikely to be interested in a football question.

So research your target audience and design a quiz they’ll like. Then, you can include your offer on the quiz’s final page.

Consequently, you will have more information about your clients and the opportunity to win a spectacular reward for your audience.

3. Coupon Surprise

Everyone enjoys saving money. Existing customers might be given a surprise discount in person or by email. You may use a template to email them a link to disclose their coupon discount, or if they’re in-store, have them select from a bowl.

This makes the procedure more enjoyable and gives them the impression that you are thinking of them and eager to offer customers to grab discounts and coupons even when there is no special event. Furthermore, loyal customers prefer to spend more when they have a coupon code or some value, which is terrific news for your business.

4. Share Your Story

People like the opportunity to share their stories, so why not utilize this as a means for them to join your giveaway? This is one of the most excellent small business giveaway ideas for owners to increase interest, especially if the stories are about your services.

Encourage folks to enter the contest by telling you how they first heard about you. Alternatively, the tale may be about how your product or service assisted them in bettering their lives. You can choose a winner based on the most exciting story or at random.

5. Acquire User-Generated Content.

What exactly is user-generated content? It is material (written, music, films, essays, etc.) made by your users/entrants as part of the admission process, as the name indicates.

These business giveaway ideas have a lot of advantages: it’s a skill game so that you won’t need a license; it’s fun and engaging, so it’s appealing to your target audience; this type of entry process favors quality over quantity. So you get highly targeted leads, and finally, with your users trying to generate your content for you, your advertising material is sorted for at least the next six months—a win-win situation.

6. Implement a Referral Marketing Program.

Our first business giveaway idea is to start a referral marketing campaign.

If you’re familiar with referral marketing, you’ve probably heard the following statistic:

Over 90% of loyal customers said they would consider recommendations from friends and family as a reputable source and type of promotion. That’s very remarkable.

According to statistics like this, referrals may provide businesses the push they need to develop their network and effectively reach their target audience. This works straightforwardly. Then there’s word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the method through which satisfied consumer tells their friends and family that they liked a product or service and what they liked about it. The example that follows will help you understand this much better.

7. A Year’s Supply of Goods or Services

We recently sponsored a contest for our email subscribers. Denim Coffee, a client, donated a year’s supply of coffee as the winner. The winner will get one bag of coffee beans per month for the following year. You may do the same thing with your products or services.

Of course, this will not work if your business offers significant, pricey things. You can, however, give away a year’s worth of items from another firm, as we did with the coffee. Select a small company in your neighborhood to show your support for other businesses.

8. Hashtag Contest

Need assistance naming or hashtagging a new social media campaign or profile? Hold a hashtag contest. Potential customers should use a hashtag, tag your business, and perhaps even upload a photo while they’re doing it. You may acquire fresh ideas for your business in exchange for a chance to win a product or a gift card.

9. Organize Social Media contests.

We’ve already discussed social media giveaways and how effectively they can assist businesses in increasing their social media engagement and following.

As a result, the second business giveaway idea we’d like to cover is how and why you should do social media giveaways. In a recent blog post on Neil Schaffer’s blog – Neil is a keynote speaker and the author of the best-selling books Increase Your Social Influence and The Age of Influential – writer Aaron Lee explains.

The benefits of hosting social media giveaways in the six points below
  • Increase subscribers 
  • increase revenue 
  • increase engagement 
  • building a local community 
  • incentivizing people to follow

Furthermore, we read the following reasons why firms should run social media business giveaways on their social media platforms in an article authored by Visme’s content marketing manager, Chloe West, on SproutSocial:

  • Increase your fan base.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand your email list
Start your engagement now.

10. Contests for New Logos and Slogans

If you need a new logo or tagline, including your target audience is a great business gift idea. Let anybody submit logo or tagline ideas, and then let your audience vote on their favorites. Give a gift or another fantastic prize to one or more lucky winners. In this manner, your best business giveaway ideas provide you with the logo or tagline you’ve been looking for while engaging your audience with your business.

11. Caption a Photograph

A photo caption contest is an entertaining approach to engage people in your product or services. It works by publishing a photo and pushing users to create the most excellent caption for it.

The image might be of your product in a humorous environment or your staff working behind the scenes. Make sure it’s relevant to your audience so they stay interested.

People may then enter by adding their descriptions in the comments, making it a great business giveaway idea for promoting on your blog or social networks.

12. Spin the Wheel Business Giveaway

Consider doing a spin the wheel with numerous best business giveaway ideas that potential customers can spin to discover their prize if you’re feeling creative and want to encourage people to visit and connect with your business. You can give away some of the items or services your company provides or a gift card or voucher they can use to make a purchase. Small branded goods are also available. Because it is participatory, this company giveaway concept may also help you get to know your clients better.

13. Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts are another opportunity for small companies to engage their community with their brand. You may conceal things around your company and have participants submit photographs of them when they locate them.

If your company does not have a physical address, you may conceal visuals across your website for visitors to find and capture screenshots as proof. The top three winners might then receive a reward package.

14. Send Your Video Contest

Running a video contest, like a picture contest, effectively motivates people. However, video contests thrive when utilized in conjunction with video submission services such as YouTube.

Let’s imagine you wish to increase your YouTube followers. A wise approach would be to have a fun business giveaway idea in which participants must submit a video to be eligible to win. Participants might then have access to more entries by visiting your YouTube channel and viewing one of your videos.

What would they put in their videos, though? Participants might record themselves talking about your goods. To be even more imaginative, they may create a commercial for your product. The possibilities are endless!

15. Giveaway of a Well-Known Electronic Device

This one is a little tough, but it is doable. The competition level is the problem with delivering something like an iPhone or an iPad. Because these items have a broad appeal, everyone will participate regardless of whether they are familiar with your brand.

They can, however, be practical! Just make sure it is in line with the objectives of your gift. For example, if you want to grow your email list quickly, this is a viable alternative. If you’re seeking qualified leads, this isn’t the case.

16. A Webinar Can Be Used to Promote a Limited-Edition Deal.

Promoting a limited edition deal through a webinar is an excellent approach for startups and small companies to reach a larger audience and increase brand recognition. This may be a great approach to boost your content marketing efforts and raise awareness of your business.

A limited Edition Offer Also Assists You in Doing Both:

The chance for your existing consumers to connect with your business even more and profit from a special deal.

The opportunity to reach a new audience and provide them the chance to try your brand and maybe connect with it in the future.

17. Giveaway for Product Launch

You are running a promotional business giveaway before the launch date is one of the finest strategies to generate interest in a new product. The prize may be an early release of the product. You can do it via the Facebook page.

A contest like this might help you strengthen your relationship with your clients. After all, they’ll have an opportunity to get their hands on something no one else has. Just make sure you adequately publicize the gift. These contest promotion ideas will assist you.

18. Invitation to an Exclusive Event

Do you throw a fancy event every year? Give a unique invite to raise interest for the event and your online brand. Add a limo trip or a gift card to a nearby store for fancy apparel to make it more memorable.

This award, however, does not require you to arrange your event. You may, for example, present tickets or invitations to a local award banquet or a prominent production coming to town (think Hamilton!). This gift works nicely because they can’t receive exclusive invites otherwise.

19. Distribute a Gift Card

There may be an infinite number of reward ideas that local businesses may employ in terms of what sort of goods they can present to their contestants or members of their audience.

Giving away a gift card or a voucher, on the other hand, is always an all-time favorite regarding giveaway idea presents. Gift cards may appear impersonal or cold, but the fact is that they may also be quite considerate because they allow the winner to buy whatever they want.

Furthermore, they might be a present excellent idea for small businesses.

20. Customized Gift Set

Check out our yearly promotional calendar to discover what holidays or observances are approaching. Make a gift package centered on a particular subject. For example, a Valentine’s Day basket offer may contain champagne, chocolates, and a certificate for a romantic meal or couple’s massage as promotional giveaways. A back-to-school package may include school materials, a flash drive, and school-appropriate foods in a new bag.

21. Giveaway of Dinner and a Film

Most individuals don’t spend enough time with the people they care about, and this reward allows them to do just that. The most excellent part about a dinner and a movie award is that they can be tailored to your target group.

For parents, for example, you may provide a gift card to a nanny service for babysitting. You may include movie swag if you are celebrating the debut of a new superhero film. If you want to reach out to youngsters, you may provide a complimentary meal at a restaurant with a play area.

22. Arrange a Travel Giveaway.

Travel awards are among the most desired prizes you can provide. As discussed in point 6 above, travel awards are immersive and dynamic. Much research has been done throughout the years to determine how compelling travel incentives and rewards are.

Show me yet another person who doesn’t look forward to a vacation, who doesn’t return with that irksome glow that reminds you how lengthy it’s been since your last vacation, or who doesn’t want to tell you all about how amazing it was the moment they land and their phone is allowed to come out of flight mode.

Some Benefits Of Business Giveaway Idea

  • Social and email growth – As more people discover your business giveaway offer, your following will organically grow.
  • Increase web traffic – You may add an online submission form to your corporate business giveaway idea to enable potential clients and consumers to reach your website and learn more about your company.
  • Increased sales – With this increase in traffic to your site and boost to your brand, you may notice an increase in initial purchases with an overall increase as more and more people keep your business at the forefront of their minds.
  • Increased brand awareness – Even if they do not win the business offer, the participants will have a closer relationship with your company and brand loyalty.

Business giveaways can be used in a variety of contexts. If you’re going to a trade show or another similar event, you might want to pack some gifts to give to everyone who comes to your booth or interacts with you in some manner. An on-site meeting with a customer usually goes well when you bring something to convey your thanks for their business. Business giveaways can be sponsored using your social media accounts or digital marketing activities.

Every business is constantly seeking innovative methods to attract new clients. If your online and social media marketing initiatives aren’t doing as well as you’d like, consider sprucing them up with a giveaway idea.

Although there are a few rules to consider, we’ve compiled a list of 23 of the finest giveaway ideas for businesses to help you generate interest in your firm.