How To Start  A Tarot Reading Business


Do you really want to start a tarot reading business? You are not the only one alone. Tarot readers have been there for ages and will continue to be so. This article will explain how to become an online tarot reader, how much tarot readers earn, and how to start a tarot reading business immediately.

What exactly is a Tarot, and how can it help you?

Tarot card reading is a kind of cartomancy in which practitioners allegedly utilize tarot cards to acquire insights, present, or future. They create a query and then pull cards to interpret them for this purpose. A standard tarot deck has 78 cards divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. French-suited playing cards, as well as any other card system with suits allocated to distinct components, can be employed.

Tarot readers may assist you with challenges in your life, whether they are career-related, such as determining what you need to do next in order to develop within your business, or love-related, such as determining what you’ll do next in an effort to progress inside your relationship.

Industry Summary 

According to statistics, there are around 83,380 registered tarot card reading agencies in the United States of America alone, employing approximately 86,334 individuals, and the sector generates a whopping $2 billion yearly. The sector is expected to increase at a 2.4 per cent annual pace. It is critical to note that there are no firms in the sector with a dominant market share.

So, Here Is How to start a tarot reading business :

Step 1: Ask Yourself Either You are Fit for The Business or Not 

Many Tarot readers take the plunge before they are prepared. This implies that they take customers before they are ready to conduct readings, that they lack the necessary business tools or plan, that they interact with clients wrongly, or that they do not know how much (in terms of hours and money) they are willing to commit.

To be honest, newcomers may and do sell readings (even when they wing things). However, few amateurs succeed in doing the one thing that makes a Tarot company genuinely successful: getting clients to return for a second or third, or fourth reading.

Let’s conclude this part on a positive note. You may make the required preparations for a successful Tarot company no matter who you are. You may thrive in a highly fulfilling career with a little patience and expertise.

Step 2. Draw Up a Tarot Business Plan

In most circumstances, the initial step is to devise a strategy. And, to be honest, I’m not one of those 80-page Word docs or Excel ‘predictions.’ A successful business strategy, in my opinion, may be brief and simple, and learning and changing along the road is just as vital as a solid plan.

Still, it’s a good idea to jot down what’s vital to remember:

The Concept; your concept should be simple to grasp and articulate. If you can’t put it into words, neither can your consumers.

Product or service; explain what you will provide in detail and provide pricing. Calculate your earnings after taking into account all of the expenditures.

Financials; make a financial plan that includes how much it will cost to start this firm and how much profit you intend to make in the first year.

Market and competition; define your target demographic and learn where your ideal consumer hangs out. Also, identify your top rivals and draw inspiration from them.

Develop a realistic sales and/or marketing plan to discover and target your buyers with your offer. Consider your branding, communication methods, and the type of material you want to develop.

Instead of spending a lot of work at the start, we feel it’s best to reassess your Tarot business strategy (and new objectives) every few months and iterate and develop as you go.

Step 3. Choose A Name for Your Tarot Business

It’s critical to come up with a memorable name for your tarot card business in order to stand out in your industry.

Here are some broad suggestions for naming your tarot company.

Avoid names that are difficult to spell: You want something simple for your consumers to remember and spell.

Conduct a search to check if there are any other people with the same name in the area.

Try not to choose a name that may limit your company’s development potential (ie. if you decide to expand into other product lines)

As soon as you have an idea (or ideas) for a few names that you like, register the domain name(s)!

What is the significance of naming your tarot card business?

Your company’s name will always play a part in:

  • Your consumers’ initial impression
  • Your company’s identity
  • The driving force behind the sort of consumer that your brand attracts
  • Whether or not you are memorable

It is critical to ensure that the domain name for your tarot card company is available.

Step 4: Determine Your Services

The first thing you must do is decide what services you will provide and how you will provide them (virtually or in person). You have a lot of options here, so take your time and examine the following criteria before making a decision:

Try to limit yourself to 4-5 distinct services that vary in time (30 minutes or 1 hour) and provide a variety of alternatives for consumers to choose from, as well as different pricing points. Based on the most popular readings, here are some samples of other types of services you may provide:

  • Three-Card Flush (Past, Present, Future)
  • Answering a single question with a single card
  • The Celtic Cross Pattern
  • Reading time: 30 minutes (Unlimited Questions)
  • 1 hour of reading (Unlimited Questions)
  • Reading for Love and Relationships in 30 Minutes
  • Reading Time: 30 Minutes
  • A one-hour group reading (up to 5 people)

Pick a few things you would want to provide since the more you like the process, the more your clients will appreciate it. However, limit the number of options you provide since too many might become overwhelming.

Once you’ve decided, make a list of the services you’ll provide, along with a brief description of what each one is and how long it will take. Sticking to 4 or 5 options is suggested to avoid overwhelming yourself or your potential clients with too many options. 

Also, bear in mind that you should provide at least two different durations of readings, and you should feel free to be creative with your offerings when you are ready to start a tarot reading business.

Services include:
Long-Range Readings

Many Tarot readers dislike seeing customers face to face. That is OK because some clients do not wish to meet with you. Some individuals choose to “pay a visit” to a reader anonymously. The stigma that occasionally afflicts readers also causes customers to be concerned about what their relatives and friends would say if they seek help from the esoteric community.

In such instances, clients choose more private phone or email reading. There is a catch if you are comfortable conducting business over the phone. Email readings can be timed, but a talkative customer will not hang up the phone despite having paid for only an hour. It’s possible you’re dealing with a sponger or someone who has lost count of time. However, with other meetings on the horizon, things may become awkward as you prepare to stop the conversation. When your next client calls at the designated time and the line is busy, they will be unimpressed.

Face-to-Face Meetings with Clients

Readers who like face-to-face interactions will have a good time. Their palms are crossed with silver at fairs, parties, and the office.

Ironically, the safest type of personal interaction is to stay online and use live video chat. Furthermore, this is an excellent technique to establish a global clientele. Someone on a little island someplace can use your services just as readily as someone in your own town.

Step 5. Raise the Startup Capital Required

Starting a tarot card reading company may be affordable, especially if you start small by operating a tarot card reading office on a street corner or from your house. Securing a standard and well-positioned retail facility will take a major portion of your initial cash, but if you opt to start the business on a large scale, you will need to seek funds to finance the firm.

Without a question, writing a decent business plan is one of the first things you should think about when it comes to funding a firm. You may not have to work as hard to persuade your bank, investors, and friends to invest in your firm if you have a decent and practical business plan paper in place.

Here are some possibilities to consider when seeking starting finance for your tarot card reading office:

  • Obtaining funds from personal savings and the sale of personal stocks and real estate
  • Sell shares to potential buyers.
  • Seek soft loans from family and friends.

Step 6: Determine the Value of Your Services

Your rates are the component that will make you money. When pricing your services, it is critical to remember that you should not under-sell or over-sell your services. This is due to the fact that the amount you charge people immediately reflects the value you provide them.

Selecting Your Prices

Once you’ve compiled a list of approximate expenditures, divide it by the number of posts you’ll have to pay each month. Then reduce that figure by the average number of readings you will perform every month.

For example, if it costs you $200 per month to keep your business going and you have roughly 10 clients each month, you should factor that cost into the price you charge per client. In this situation, that would imply a cost of $20 per client. As you move forward with pricing your services, you should include a fixed amount of $20 in each reading fee.

How can I figure out my hourly wage?

Some individuals prefer to calculate it per hour rather than per question because if someone has more money but less time (or vice versa), this way allows them to pay based on whatever element is most important at the time.

How much do I charge?

Tarot readings might be billed per minute, per question, or any other time/question combination. A tarot reading is normally a one-time price for an initial consultation prior to any readings, however, you can charge extra based on the client’s needs and your own schedule.

How do I determine my prices?

Your price should represent how much you value yourself and what you require to sustain this lifestyle. When first starting out, you may wish to charge less than minimum wage without compromising your level of service (so that clients aren’t upset by high expectations). If most of your business depends on returning clients, boosting pricing over time may be a risk.

Step 7: Choose A Platform To Start A Tarot Reading Business

That’s great, you know what you’re selling and are ready to accept payment for your services. You’re only one step away from opening for business!

You must now choose your platform. That is, how are you going to reach out to potential clients while still making a genuine impact in the world?

Create A Business Website

There are several possibilities accessible if you want to start your Tarot company online. I feel that having your own website, on your own domain, is the perfect location to start an online Tarot business. It’s simple – buy a website host (such as GoDaddy or Bluehost), a domain (typically through your host), install WordPress (again, generally with one click through your host), and select a theme (there are many free ones on WordPress), and you’re done!

Utilize Social Media

If you decide to start your own business today, social media should be your number one tool.

Here is a list of social media networks where you may create a company account:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Because it is both free and efficient, use social media to advertise your services, brand, and mission. You should be producing material and communicating with your audience on a regular basis since this is a terrific method to get your name out there in the tarot reading industry and a location where you can do some advertising to locate new customers.

Step 8: Register Your Tarot Readings Business

Before you can proceed with registering and legalizing your firm, you must first name it. You may always perform tarot readings as a freelancer, and in that case, your legal name would be your company name. However, if you ever want to develop your business and add employees, you should pick a name under which to register your company.

When picking a name, always check to see if other firms already have that name and whether the internet domain is accessible; otherwise, have fun with it and be creative.

Step 9: Licenses and Permits

If you’ve chosen to start a business, you may start by forming your legal organization as an LLC. As an LLC, you will be insulated from personal liability if your company is issued. 

If you are unclear about how to accomplish this, there are firms that will do it for you for a nominal cost.

Legal Zoom is an excellent site to start a new LLC. You can handle all of the paperwork on your own, but Legal Zoom makes it a lot easier.

Furthermore, you may be required to secure certain permissions or licenses in order to provide the services you undertake. The US Small Business Association can provide local support if you want to learn more about this.

Business Insurance

As a business, you should also consider purchasing insurance to protect yourself financially in the event of a huge and unexpected loss.

There are many various sorts of company insurance, but one of the most common types you may obtain if you are ignorant of your business losses is General Liability Insurance. Take some time to review what insurance you require to ensure you are always prepared.

Registration for Taxation

You must address two aspects of taxes: collecting taxes for the services you provide and declaring your income so that you can pay income tax. Because you will be working for yourself, no one will be present to pay the government on your behalf, therefore it is up to you to disclose your income and pay the required taxes.

When it comes to collecting taxes for your services, most states will require you to charge sales tax, and the amount may vary depending on where you live. If you have any further questions, you can find all the information you need concerning company taxes on the IRS website.

Step 10: Open a Business Bank Account.

Personal asset protection requires the use of distinct business banking and credit accounts.

When you combine your personal and business accounts, your personal assets (your house, vehicle, and other possessions) are at danger if your company is sued. This is known as penetrating your company veil in business law.

Furthermore, understanding how to develop corporate credit can help you get credit cards and other financing in your company’s name (rather than your own), lower interest rates, bigger lines of credit, and other benefits.

Advantages of opening a business bank account.

Opening a business bank account is not only required when asking for business financing but it also:

Separates your personal assets from the assets of your firm, which is required for personal asset protection.

It simplifies bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Step 11: Make Brand Awareness and Create a Business Identity

When you’re in business and are not concerned with increasing brand recognition and conveying your corporate identity, you should be prepared to accept whatever society portrays your firm to be. 

One of the secrets of larger organizations is that they are prepared to spend money to increase brand recognition and continue to express their corporate identity in the manner in which they want people to view them.

Here are some sites you may use to build your brand and establish a corporate identity for your tarot card reading business:

Advertisements should be placed in both print (newspapers and magazines) and electronic media channels.

Sponsor community-based activities that are relevant to you.

Use the internet and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, and others to advertise your tarot card reading business.

Place your billboards in strategic spots around your city or state.

Engage in roadshows in specified communities on a regular basis to raise knowledge of your tarot card reading office.

Print your flyers and handbills in strategic locations.

Include your tarot card reading company in local directories / yellow pages.

Advertise your tarot card reading business on your official website and use techniques to drive visitors to the site.

Position your Flexi Banners in strategic locations throughout your tarot card reading workplace.

Ensure that all of your employees are wearing branded clothing and that all of your vehicles are emblazoned with your company emblem.

Target Market

Determine who your ideal customer is. This is critical to consider since the more you know about your consumer, the easier it will be to advertise yourself to them.

What are their ages? What difficulties do they face in their daily lives? Is it true that they are spiritual or not? In their leisure time, what do they do? What are their earnings? Where do they call home?

Answers to these questions will assist you in creating a customer profile, from which you will be able to discover where your consumers are, what they enjoy, and how to market and promote yourself so that they will notice it. Knowing these things allows you to utilize them as a target audience profile on social media marketing.

Step 12: Get Started With Your Tarot Readings Business

You’re ready to start a tarot reading business when you have your Tarot reading offers, rates, and platform. Flip the sign over, and you’re ready to go! Of course, you’ll want to concentrate your efforts on broadening your reach and engaging with as many potential clients as possible.

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the Tarot, this article will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to get started. I hope you liked reading these articles and it will help you to start a tarot reading business that would be profitable for you.

Tips to Start a Successful Tarot Business:

Be consistent: It’s simple to start a million products and initiatives, but failing to complete them appears unprofessional. Begin small and consistently, whether it’s a bi-weekly newsletter, a weekly free tarot reading, or frequent Instagram postings. People are interested in hearing from you and will be pleased by your devotion.

Remember, you determine the rules: I wasted a lot of time pushing old ideas, implementing strange inauthentic marketing strategies, and performing stuff I didn’t genuinely enjoy out of a false sense of responsibility. Of course, it’s important to stick with things, but if something isn’t working, you can alter it! This is the appeal of working for yourself.

Promote yourself better than you have ever imagined: People will not get readings from you if they are unaware that you exist. Setting up a website and printing business cards is simple; getting people to book meetings with you is a very different story. Marketing does not have to be a soul-crushing experience (but it has been for me!). Have some fun with it and be creative. Can you be interviewed (or host) a podcast? Do you want to contribute to online publications, blogs, or social media accounts? Participate in Facebook groups, forums, and meetups? Be active in getting your name out there, and don’t be hesitant to hand out business cards and explain what you have to offer.