17 Simple Ways to Increase Retail Sales

17 Simple Ways to Increase Retail Sales

Looking to increase retail sales throughout a pandemic? The key is to realize in many ways, brick and mortar retailers have a finite shopper base. After all, there are only so many people who will be willing to walk into your store with or while not a mask on any given day.

While marketing will impact that range, your focus can’t be near to attracting new customers. If you’ve felt meeting your retail sales projections depends only on the number of shoppers who show up at your door, then you’re feat a lot of cash on the table.

COVID-19 has dramatically modified Retail Sales. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and unlock uncertainties have resulted within the shift modification in the shopping for and selling behaviours of the consumers and sellers severally. It became a lot of crucial for the retailers to extend retail sales to draw in customers breaking through their activity searching patterns.

So, Here Are 17 Simple Ways to Increase Retail Sales:

1. Make customers feel safe in your store

In the age of COVID-19, one of the most effective belongings you will do to drive traffic and sales is to instil confidence in your customers. owing to the pandemic, several of your customers are upset concerning their health and safety.

To win them over, begin by clear communication of your health and safety measures. explain all that you’re doing to stay folks safe in your location, then use multiple channels to urge the word out.

Target is one example of a store that covers all of its channels once communication COVID-19 updates. The merchant keeps shoppers announced by delivering health and safety information via:

  • website
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • mobile app

And see thereto that your in-store workers are actively implementing those measures. The very last thing you wish is for shoppers to decision you out for currently walking the speak. rent the proper folks, and certify you have got a robust communication and coaching procedure in situ so that workers recognize specifically what to try and do in-store. This is a simple way to increase retail sales

2. Ensure that your store shows up in online search results

Now over ever, customers are turning to Google to seek out stores and merchandise. certify that you’re showing whenever they conduct a hunt relevant to your business. If you sell baby garments, for instance, then you wish near customers to seek out your business whenever they run a hunt for a “baby store close to ME.”

You can try this by putting in place business listings on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and different platforms. once making your profile, add in as several details as attainable. These include:

Name, address, and sign (Important: make sure that these details are clones of what’s listed on your website and the other listings.)

Accurate business hours

Lots of reviews

Lots of visual content together with recent photos, and if attainable, a virtual tour of your store.

It takes a touch of additional time, however doing this can build your listing a lot of enticing and, as a result, drive a lot of traffic to your location and website. This can be a simple way to increase retail sales

3. Display your native inventory in Google Search and Maps

Take your Google listing to a consecutive level by displaying your inventory in Google Search and Maps.

Leverage an answer like Pointy, that permits you to show your in-store merchandise on Google while not manually re-entering your inventory knowledge.

If you’re mistreatment sell, for instance, you’ll be able to connect sellers and Pointy, and your inventory knowledge can mechanically be displayed on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps once customers hunt for your business name or, doubtless, for a product that you simply have available.

We can see this in action in Maxwell’s of Chelmsford, a merchant in Massachusetts that sells field and garden provides animal feed, and pet food.

Maxwell’s of Chelmsford has been mistreatment Pointy for 2 years, tho’ they’ve gotten a lot of price out of it once COVID-19 hit. owing to the pandemic, more shoppers are browsing retail inventories online before creating them in the shop. because of Pointy, Maxwell’s merchandise is visible to shoppers within the space.

During the pandemic, Maxwell’s Pointy page was obtaining the most traffic that Lisa joined it to her current store website. Maxwell’s doesn’t have an e-commerce website, however, because of Pointy, customers will still explore the store’s merchandise online. You can use this as a simple way to increase retail sales

4. Implement click-and-collect

Click-and-collect has been around for a minute currently, however, COVID-19 has accelerated its adoption.

Offering this service can facilitate drive in-store traffic and sales. Click-and-collect not solely gets folks through your doors, however, it’s been proved to extend in-store sales in addition. analysis has shown concerning forty-fifths of those who have opted for in-store pickup bought one thing else throughout their trip to the shop. This may be a simple way to increase retail sales

5. Consider mobile ordering

Mobile ordering isn’t only for restaurants. Inventory-based retailers may also supply these services — and reap the rewards.

Consider Grain & tracheophyte, a store wine, and spirits store in NY, that offers mobile ordering and delivery through apps like Postmates, Minibar, and Drizly.

According to owner Michael Nagdimunov, adding the delivery service inflated their revenue by the twenty-fifth. They’re additionally seeing orders work up over time. Nagdimunov says that over twelve months, they’ve seen orders increase from a hundred per month to 600 monthly 

Orders. Many retail sellers use this as a simple way to increase retail sales

6. Rent and develop workers who will give exceptional client experiences

Your workers are the those that do the commercialism, therefore if you’re trying to extend sales, you wish to speculate in your workers.

“Hire good,” advises mike Eden, owner of The radical Gear search. “Make certain that each member of your team needs to be there and are captivated with and recognize their merchandise. If they’re lusty they will need the purchasers to have constant expertise as them. If they’re knowledgeable they’re going to share their passion confidently.”

Nick Stagge, VP of selling at ExpertVoice, will a good job in elaborating on this best follow. consistent with him, to effectively get your workers to drive sales, you wish to:

Hire sales associates that are lusty and knowledgeable about the merchandise you sell. This takes an outsized commitment to the interviewing and hiring method, however, the worth can not be overdone.

Train those associates to form nice buying experiences with each client. Most retailers train their team to shut out the register, stock shelves, and keep the ground clean. it’s a lot necessary they teach their team the way to establish a customer’s wants and needs, match those has to a variety of merchandise, and show them the worth in their choices.

Empower your sales associates to act together with your customers — don’t overwhelm them with work comes, allow them to place your customers initial. Set the expectation that customers come back initially, always. You can easily use this simple way to increase retail sales

7. Be smart concerning your sales targets

One of the keys to boosting your retail revenue is setting sales targets. For starters, you wish to create certain that you’re establishing the proper sales goals — i.e., people who are difficult however accomplishable.

As retail professional Kevin Graff puts it:

“Goals ought to be achieved a minimum of seventieth of the time. If not, they’re too high and risk de-motivating your workers,” he wrote. “By constant token, if goals are achieved ninetieth or a lot of of the time they’re too low and aren’t pushing your workers.”

Once you’ve set your goals, communicate them with your team and keep them high of mind throughout the day. a superb thanks to trying this is to use your purpose of sale system’s news capabilities to extend the visibility of your sales targets.

In Vend, for instance, the house screen shows the targets for the user presently signed in. this may be a really useful tool for characteristic top-performing cashiers or sales reps, and chase goals for every team member.

Once the targets are set, the user will be able to monitor their progress from the house screen. there’ll be a neighbourhood referred to as ‘Your Sales’, which can show a progress bar of the user’s sales target. there’s additionally a graph that shows the user the history of sales created across the amount they need nominal. A retail seller should use this simple way to increase retail sales

8. Promote corporate social responsibility

We’ve aforementioned it before, and we’ll say it again: doing smart is sweet for business. Multiple studies have shown that today’s customers are a lot inclined to buy at stores that are related to a decent cause.

Giving back and being seasoned with your practices doesn’t simply facilitate the planet, it may also increase your sales.

So, if you’re presently not partaking in company Social Responsibility (CSR), it’s time to seek out an honest cause to support.

There are varied ways in which to try and do this, including:

  • donating some of your sales to charity
  • being a lot of moral with however you supply or manufacture products
  • supporting AN initiative or community project
  • investing in your manpower
  • creating or taking part in events that promote smart causes

Use these simple ways to increase retail sales.

9. Have strong in-store visuals

Allow us to state the obvious: folks won’t obtain unappealing merchandise, that is why having robust in-store visuals is essential. Here’s are some general tips to follow:

Make your displays flat by variable their visual components. Add height, colour, or depth whenever attainable.

Have a put attentiveness therefore folks recognize that things or details to concentrate on. Displays that are too busy or distracting can simply overwhelm your customers.

Make them helpful or interactive. facilitate folks see your merchandise in action. produce displays that show your merchandise in use or permit shoppers to undertake them out.

Keep things neat. AN organized space doesn’t simply look smart, it additionally permits customers to seek out what they have quicker, so aiding the shopping for expertise.

Display your best merchandise front and centre to increase retail sales.

 As Piero Ferrari, a client service representative at Premise junction rectifier INC., says, it’s concepts to “always have a show of your best products at the shop entrance, despite value.” consistent with him, doing, therefore “communicates what you’re capable of and it’s a good conversation starter for the workers.”

10. Update your visual elements regularly

Having a great-looking store is simply the primary step. To continue driving traffic and sales, you wish to stay your visuals recent. this suggests changing frequently to stay up with the most recent trends and seasons.

“My high tip is to be relevant,” says Karl McKeever, Founder, and administrator at Visual Thinking. “Refresh key in-store displays frequently to mirror what’s happening seasonally and domestically to attach higher with shopper wants.”

In different words, don’t let seasons and events pass your store by. place special occasions and search dates on your calendar then set up for them well earlier. what is going to your store appear as if around Mother’s Day? What concerning the independence day or the vacation season?

Plan out your window show and commercialism initiatives to increase retail sales. Having relevant aggregation may also facilitate drive sales. As a vacation of the searching event is attracting nearer, set up big, obvious signs to prompt customers to travel buying for the occasion.

11. Eliminate the wait

Long wait times can send guests packing and kill sales. analysis has found that “Americans can abandon a waiting line and leave a store while not creating a buying deal once eight minutes of waiting during a waiting line. British shoppers won’t even wait around that long. They’ll walk out once simply six minutes.”

Barbara Thau, a contributive author at Forbes.com, adds that so as to extend sales, brick-and-mortar stores should “banish the wait in line, once and for all.”

How does one do that? begin by keeping your store well-staffed, notably throughout busy periods. look at your store knowledge to work out your peak hours, then make sure that you’ve got enough workers and registers to handle the frenzy.

Always have extra registers ready to go. think about employing a contemporary POS system that you simply will power up once things get too busy. this can be specifically what the Borough room, a UK-based homeware store, will do throughout their busiest hours.

“At peak times…we will add a replacement until instantly by shift on another iPad. That simply wouldn’t work with a conventional until system,” says founders David Caldana & Justin Kowbel.

Speaking of that, if you’re perpetually handling long wait times, an iPad POS system can be simply the issue to hurry things up. Mobile POS solutions modify you to untether the checkout method, thus you’ll put down sales from anyplace within the store (e.g. once individuals are waiting in line or if somebody simply must get “in and out” quickly. This is a simple way to increase retail sales

12. Make sure that your products are on-point

A winning product assortment can assist you to win more sales. stay prime of your inventory to confirm that you’re stocking the proper merchandise at the proper time. Here’s how:

Know your numbers – Keep an in-depth eye on your inventory knowledge, by trailing the proper metrics (i.e. GMROI, sell-through, inventory turnover, product performance, and lost sales). you would like to own a transparent plan of what’s marketing, that merchandise is creating you cash, and which of them are duds thus you’ll build the proper decision once it comes to ordering merchandise, running promotions, and more.

Forecast demand – you’ll forecast demand by viewing historical knowledge, current trends, and by resolution during a little bit of your intuition. begin by viewing your product and sales reports and determine your prime things and the way quick they’re marketing. this may offer you a far better plan of what things to order, the quantities you would like, and therefore the dates that you want them by.

Avoid stock-outs – Out of stocks don’t simply end in missed sales opportunities, they conjointly diminish client satisfaction and complete perception. Stock-outs conjointly send individuals straight to your competitors.

Here’s however you’ll avoid and address stockouts in your store:

  • Have a list management system with stock level alerts, correct reportage, and effective product ordering options.
  • If necessary, tweak your stock ordering method thus orders arrive promptly.
  • Cultivate robust relationships along with your suppliers and communicate with them typically.
  • Always have enough capital thus you’ll ne’er be wanting funds once it’s time to order merchandise.

Consider these simple ways to increase retail sales

13. Have a simple loyalty program

“To implement a loyalty program that’s made-to-order to your audience that may track and incentivize client period price and higher ROI from your prime 2 hundredths of shoppers,” advises archangel Spencer, a content manager, and futurist.

If you haven’t done this yet, establish a program that rewards your best customers. It doesn’t have to be compelled to be too sophisticated. Bells and whistles like tiers, points, and stars cab return later. If you’re beginning out, commence your loyalty program efforts with a simple “dollars for purchases” format.

Consider the case of Christmas Elves, a store that uses Vend’s native loyalty options. Christmas Elves run an easy-to-understand loyalty program that lets customers earn Christmas bucks that they’ll use towards their next purchase. inline with business owner Jason McIntyre, this program has helped them with their client service and retention. This can be a simple way to increase retail sales.

Customers won’t have to track their loyalty through physical cards. They merely have to be within the Christmas Elves’ system to be able to manage and redeem their rewards.

Jason says, “When we put down acquisition and therefore the client is in our system, we say ‘Oh okay, you’ve got $23 in loyalty. does one wish to use it currently or later?’ That data makes our customers feel sensible. Most of them use it straight away, whereas some wish to collect loyalty for larger purchases. however, the fact that it’s very easy with a hawk is such a blessing.”

14. Communicate, communicate, communicate

There’s no shortage of platforms on that you’ll communicate along with your customers. As Vikas Gupta of world Cloud Xchange puts it, you’ll convert walk-ins into regular customers by mistreatment “any economic or free communication tools like SMS (A2P), Whatsapp, FB page to share your everyday specials” or just detain bit along with your customers.

Figure out the channels you must be using to attach along with your customers (i.e. text, email, social, all of the above) then utilize them to remain prime of mind.

On the e-mail facet of things, check up on this message from Total Wine & additional. once la was experiencing a heatwave in July of 2018, the oldsters at Total Wine smartly sent an email with the relevant subject line that started with “Beat the warmth.”

Try to apply that very same level of power and relevance in your messaging. Communicate along with your customers typically, and make sure that your messages are on purpose.

15. Tell an authentic story that resonates

Authenticity sells. customers love it once brands “get real” or show their vulnerable facet as a result of it makes the business additional relatable.

So, if you’ve got an honest and authentic story to inform, by all suggests that, do it.

“My best tip is to share YOUR story,” says Sonja Thompkins, a business coach for brick and mortar boutiques. “One of the foremost authentic ways in which to instantly build the “know, like, trust” issue is to let customers apprehend why you decided to form the business you’ve got. The secret’s to share the areas of your why that will resonate along with your target client.”

She continues, “Training your workers so that they apprehend and might articulate the “story”, and by having a well-designed mission statement hanging during an outstanding location wherever customers will simply read & browse it. that sort of vulnerability makes their option to search with you. people|and folks} like to purchase from other people, not businesses!”

16. Be customer-centric

“Customer-centricity” is one of those buzzwords that everybody throws around, however all it very much suggests is understanding your customers, and creating them in the middle of your concepts and initiatives.

Consider this: whenever he holds a gathering, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos makes it a degree to own and has an empty within the area to represent the client so that they ne’er lose sight of the those that they’re marketing to.

Aim for that level of customer-centricity in your business.

“Stop obsessing over worth and even the product…obsess over the client,” advises Fabien Tiburce, chief operating officer of retail compliance computer code Compliant. “Make them feel tremendous after they step into your stores. they’ll be back.”

How are you able to be additional customer-centric? begin by truly reproofing your shoppers, says Clara Mota, a freelance advisor, and complete manager. “If brick and mortar stores wish to keep up their relevance and boost sales, they ought to be customer-centric, interview individuals on the road concerning their merchandise, and search mistreatment the five Whys technique. they’ll quickly verify the deeper wants, and what they ought to do to capture additional customers.”

It’s conjointly necessary to “understand your customers on the far side however they have interaction along with your business,” says Mark Bowen, a business development manager at ASD Bank. “Your store can solely feature as a little a part of your customers’ lives thus get busy knowing their deeper behaviour, likes and dislikes and what they price most.”

Taking the steps above can assist you to uncover valuable intel concerning your customers, that successively can enable you to develop higher merchandise, services, and experiences.

Case in point: IKEA. parrot devotes loads of time and resources to learn the cultures and habits of their target markets. for example, Fortune reports that the corporate once did a study of 8,292 individuals in eight cities to be told additional concerning their morning routines. Doing this enabled IKEA to work out what stresses individuals out once preparing for work and what keeps them from obtaining out the door throughout the morning rush.

IKEA gained valuable insights from their study and it helped them return up with a product called the Knapper, a full-length mirror that comes with an integral rack and hooks for hanging garments and jewellery. the merchandise is supposed to assist individuals to prepare quicker by permitting them to place along with their outfits the night before.

Some of the biggest and most made players in retail are addicted to their customers. The question is: are you? What are you able to do without delay to be told additional concerning your target market? are your customers in the middle of your decision-making? If not, what are you able to do to continually have your shoppers front and centre? This is an effective way to increase retail sales.

17. Promote upgrades add-on sales

Impulse buys upsells, and cross-sales will very add up, thus if add-on sales and upgrades aren’t a giant focus for you, see if you’ll build them a much bigger part of your sales strategy. We’ve written concerning these topics at length in previous posts, thus if you’d And here’s an informative video that includes Jennifer and Danila, the co-owners of Convey dress shop in the provincial capital. A simple way to increase retail sales.

Hopefully will notice some tips and tricks on top of them and use them to extend retail sales. Ultimately, it comes down to prioritizing your customers and understanding that you’re within the business of serving them.