Disadvantages Of Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

Disadvantages Of Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

Loss leader pricing is the practice of selling a little range of merchandise either at or below cost. this is done on the assumption that patrons can purchase other merchandise at an equivalent time that ar significantly additional profitable. The ensuing combined sale dealings are assumed (or hoped) to be profitable. The loss leader construct is often accustomed bring customers into a physical store location or to access an internet site – in either case, selected merchandise that’s way more profitable are positioned close to the loss leader product, so buyers have each chance to form extra purchases.

Correct merchandising may be a key part of the utilization of leaders so patrons should walk past several alternative things in a very store before finding the loss leader item. Conversely, inadequate selling would place this stuff close to the front of a store, wherever somebody may purchase them, and proceed on to the register while not buying the rest.

The concept can even be used to attract entirely new customers. during this case, the assumption is also that the seller can at the start incur a loss, however, can earn a profit in the mixture throughout many subsequent purchase transactions.

 Disadvantages Of Loss Leader Pricing Loss Leader Pricing:

Too much of a free issue is often costly. From customers adjusting their searching habits to predict consecutive sales to running out of stock, leader pricing comes with obstacles. Here are some challenges to losing leader pricing.

1. Have A Guge Chance of loss

A company might incur a considerable loss from this pricing strategy if it doesn’t closely monitor sales of alternative things positioned aboard the leader; the danger is that customers might purchase only the loss leader, and in giant quantities

2. Cherry-picking

When patrons purchase a loss leader product while not buying an alternative product, this can be known as cherry-picking. It’s one in every one of the downsides of leader pricing. These buyers may visit many online or physical stores buying loss leaders at every however they never buy another item.

The danger for these businesses is that they expertise a loss that’s not offset by the purchase of alternative merchandise. If patrons still cherry decide, businesses might lose an excessive amount of cash and face financial hardship. And this is a disadvantage of loss leader pricing.

To guard against this, purveyors of loss leader pricing typically set amount limits for leader things. as an example, a retailer may limit one leader tv per person or cap a leader discount to the primary a hundred folks in line.

3. A long Waiting Season 

If a business doesn’t set up a loss leader pricing well, customers may begin to predict once they’ll drop costs and anticipate that point to arrive before creating a sale. Not only is that this bad for sales, however, but it can also even decrease the worth of a complete. Customers can read an organization as an area to travel solely throughout an acquisition instead of an area to travel anytime they have a product.

To avoid this pitfall, businesses keep a decent lid on promotions till they’re able to market loss leader items.

4. Issues of Stocking 

Poorly forecasted leader sales will quickly run through a store’s stock of merchandise. consider this from 2 views. First, the stock of the loss leader things might be depleted quickly if the demand outpaces offer for the merchandise. Second, the stock of alternative in style things may run through quickly as a secondary impact of the loss leader pricing operating to extend sales of profit-priced things.

To maintain adequate stock levels of products, this kind of pricing strategy ought to be planned in conjunction with selling, marketing, and providing chain groups before being promoted to the market which can be a worse disadvantage of loss leader pricing.

5. Negative Brand Perception

On the alternative finish of the complete perspective, loss leader pricing will tarnish a company’s name if the audience doesn’t need or expect steep discounts from a specific business. Luxury products and assets may see adverse effects from loss leader pricing. buyers might marvel why a usually high-priced item is suddenly discounted and assume an absence of quality could be the wrongdoer. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of loss leader pricing.

6. Having a BadImpact on manufacturers

If a merchant costs a product as a loss leader, they’ll possibly but it can also draw quite a little bit of business far away from competitors who sell an equivalent product at a better value. This negatively affects the manufacturer/supplier who sees the number of orders from non-discounting merchants drop and a rise in volume from the loss leader retailer rise. 

This places stress on manufacturer/retailer relations and may lead makers to lower costs once they otherwise wouldn’t have which is also considered as a disadvantage of loss leader pricing.

7. Impact on Small Businesses

Loss leader pricing typically advantages large firms that may afford to require a loss on some merchandise or services to fancy gains on alternative things. little or native businesses most frequently get the short finish of the stick during this state of affairs, as they can’t afford to chop costs therefore steeply. This Is a great disadvantage of loss leader pricing for the small business owners.

8. Legal issues

Loss leader pricing has been illegal in some U.S. states together with Oklahoma, California, and Colorado. However, in some states, it’s solely partly illegal, and in Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico, it’s legal. Australia and Europe have additionally illegal the practice.

Evaluation of loss leader pricing

This is a reasonable and well-tested approach for building traffic to a store or website, however, you need to monitor it fastidiously to confirm that it’s a generating and progressive profit, instead of a substantial loss.

Loss leaders pricing examples

Black Friday

Many of the deals offered on Black Friday additionally use loss leader pricing. Stores offer appliances, televisions, and toys at value and open their doors early to draw in patrons. Some retailers even supply gifts to the primary hundred customers in line to drive up demand and push additional folks into their stores.

The hope, of course, is that these patrons don’t merely take the free supply and run however that they stick around and purchase a generating alternative product that isn’t as steeply discounted.


Netflix is in style in its claim, however, did you recognize that they use the leader strategy to herald thousands of shoppers every year? By providing a 30-day trial, the corporate is giving away a free month of films and shows (shows they still pay royalties to stream) in hopes that customers can keep the revenant subscription. this can be a type of introductory pricing to present customers a trial-run of the merchandise before they arrange it.


The best time to shop for a car is at the top of the year, specifically in December. the explanation why is because of you guessed it leader pricing. Toyota’s goal is to filter out recent inventory at the top of the year to form an area for new inventory. Attracting a flow of shoppers to the dealerships to shop for that recent inventory at a steep discount is certain to try and do the trick. Toyota isn’t the sole automotive complete to use loss leader pricing though; Subaru, Honda, and even luxury brands like BMW execute this strategy to manage their inventory.