Most Profitable Industries for Opening a Business

Most Profitable Industries for Opening a Business

There are many opportunities in business industries where an entrepreneur can explore and choose the right and accurate field for his business. But sometimes it becomes very hard and tough to pick the perfect business along with an excellent idea to implement.

If you’re searching for an ideal business, then you need to come to the right point. For that, you must do research and spend quality time to make creative marketing ideas for a good start.

It is also observed that to build a successful business and to influence the economy of the world market, states play a very important role.

If you are searching for most profitable industries in the world, then stick with us in this article. Here, we are going to discuss some excellent future business ideas 2020 and what types of business startups are demandable.

Which types of startups are most profitable?

Depending on your capital and client’s demand, you need to figure out what kind of business is perfect for you. Based on the analysis of sageworks, at present accounting services are having the best profit margin among all other industries.

So, if you are seeking a low risk and safe business field, then it might be your best option. But, if you’re not feeling comfortable with this sector, then you can also think about healthcare and legal services. These sectors are now in the top list in the business industries.

Our world gradually is depending on technology and smart devices and that’s why IT companies are increasing their services and charges. According to some surveys it’s found that IT Business startups will increase by 22% in next few years.

Therefore, do research and know about the future demand and past history of each and every industry that you are interested in.

Most profitable industries

One of the main reasons for facing failure by many entrepreneurs is choosing a wrong business sector. So, getting a good profit margin you need to take time and go to the right field.

Here we are mentioning 30 most profitable business industries in the world.

1. Accounting & payroll services

Accounting & payroll services

A constant demand for the low overhead cost and services have made the accounting and payroll industry to be the most profitable industry in the world.

2. Legal services

With a high profit margin, the legal service has become one of the most profitable industries. If you have a plan of investing a large amount of money in the business industry then think about legal service for once. 

3.Oil & gas extraction 

During the good economic times, this industry becomes the most capital intensive industry in the world market. So, if you have the ability to run the business smoothly with proper planning, then it can be the best choice for you to go. 

4. Health care services 

Are you a healthcare professional? There are plenty of opportunities in the healthcare industry to grow your own career. Choose the right healthcare sector and start your own business. 

5. Dentist offices 

This business is now in the top list among all other industries in the business market. But make sure you obtain the best resources at your disposal while building your dental office. 

7.E commerce 


Are you looking for some future business ideas 2020? E-commerce business can bring you a bright future if you can manage to improve your conversion rate with an accurate strategy.  

8. Artificial intelligence 

In this modern generation, Artificial intelligence is most widely used in every business industry like marketing services, manufacturing, data security and others. Hence, you can realize the impact of it in our day to day life. 

9. Industrial tools and machinery rental 

In the non-residential construction area the demand of this business is superb. Start your business by renting specialized industrial tools and machineries to the other companies along with your excellent customer service.  

10. IT support 

If you’re handy with mobile, computer and other IT technologies then it is the best way to improve your career by gaining success and profit. 

11. Real estate  

If you’re willing to be independent to become your own boss then why don’t you start your own real estate business? Moreover it’s considered as the most profitable industries. 

12. Medical & diagnostic labs 

With the accurate knowledge, proper planning and capital you can set up a medical lab to provide services to the people. But make sure you have your license and business registration while starting. 

13. Event management

Helping the customers to plan their events and parties is an amazing opportunity if you are eagerly thinking about money making and profit. 

14. Travel agency 

Do you love travelling? If yes, then open your own travel agency immediately to help millions of tourists regarding their trips and plans. 

15. Logo design 

Logo design is a very competitive industry. Here, with outstanding and unique logos you can remain at the top of your business.  

16.  Management of companies & institutions 

Large companies and organizations always seek for a quality management team behind them to handle the entire all the services and tasks of their company. If you can prove to deliver good results then surely this is your way to go. 

17. Online education 

Online education service is becoming a very popular business recently. If you have proficiency in any subject, then create an online platform to tech students across the world. 

18. Brokerage 

You can earn commission from others by working as a middle man between buyers and sellers. At present good brokers are leading a happy life in the business industry. 

19. Courier services

Recently, it is another demanding sector which is also considered as the most profitable businesses. However, in this competitive market you have to work hard to achieve success. 

20. Cleaning services 

This sector is also a rewarding business sector if you’re looking for a low investment business. 

21. Auto leasing & repair 

Are you looking for something that keeps you up with the latest technology and machinery? With the advancement of the vehicles and transports, an auto repair business company is where you can rely on your business for gaining profit and success. 

22. Content creation 

Ready to open your own content creation company? Amazing! You’re on the right path for creating a profitable business. 

23. Catering services 

Do you have a bad capital for starting a business? You need not to worry anymore. Start your catering business with a low capital, give the best services to the customers and see the result yourself.  

24. Warehouse & storage 

Over the last few years this sector has been booming rapidly due to its vast opportunity. Open your small warehouse business and make yourself a successful entrepreneur. 

25. Website designing 

Excellent website design can help you to make an impressive impression in the outer world. You can count this business sector as one of the demanding business sectors in the market. 

26. Life insurance & annuities 

This is another profitable industry to be successful in the business landscape. Explore the potential impact of this sector in the world market if you’ve an interest in it. 

27. Florist

Are you an expert in making floral garments? Well, you can show your expertise to others by selling attractive floral garments in weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day etc.

27. Video game

At present the video game industry is one of the most profitable industries with an amazing net profit margin in recent times. The profit is endless if you can reach the top. 

29. Death care services 

It is a prominent business idea where many entrepreneurs are starting their career in this sector due to the increasing demand and low overhead.  

30. Agriculture and forestry

Increased growth and sustainability has made the agriculture and forest industry as one of the secured and attractive options for investing.  

31. Manufacturing 

Are you looking forward to the wholesale or business production sector? There are plenty of opportunities for the modern wholesalers to increase their business sales. 

Among all the business industries accounting and health care services remain in the list of top 10 most profitable industries. From several researches it is found that account services have the strongest profit margin based on their specialized services in the last few years.

IT support and artificial intelligence are growing rapidly in this modern generation. According to some analysis it is really a booming business. Health care services and real estate are also in the top list of the most profitable industries. 

Meanwhile service related businesses are doing well in this digitalized world. In fact if you are trying to open a business at the cheapest rate then digital marketing is one of the perfect choices. Undoubtedly the above mentioned sectors are the most profitable industries during the last one year.

In 2020, there are plenty of platforms where you can scale up your business to earn a satisfactory income. But choosing the most profitable industry is not everything. Experience, capability, skill, hard work, confidence etc. are very important to become a successful entrepreneur.

Coming up with a creative business strategy and implementing it in a proper business industry to gain a higher interest is very tricky. So, make sure that you are investing your valuable money, time and effort in the right industry to turn your dream into reality.