Private Jet Rental: The Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Private Jet Rental The Ultimate Guide for Travelers

A private jet rental offers you a lot of different advantages that you simply can’t receive in first-class.

Since Covid hit the globe in early 2020, a lot of people are seeking out flying by private jet charter.

While there was a decrease in demand in April 2020, there has been a robust bounce-back of private jet charter flights. Not solely is it regular customers UN agency have come, but new, 1st-time flyers have joined in.

These are customers who are primarily seeking to fly by private jet for health reasons, additionally to the standard time saving and comfort reasons.

Flying by personal jet remains pricey in comparison with different modes of transport. it’s cheaper to fly first {class|first-class|firstclass|top notch|top quality} or business class. However, many purchasers have found that it’s definitely worth the upgrade.

However, looking to fly by personal jet for the primary time will appear somewhat daunting.

Therefore, this comprehensive private Jet Rental Guide for Travelers can take you through the method of chartering a private jet. From companies to use to urge the best deals. From understanding costs to booking it all yourself. this is often the personal Jet Rental: the Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Why Fly By private Jet?

Ask this question to most people and a common answer is “because it’s luxurious!”.

While this is often true (see the inside of aircraft just like the Falcon 6X), it’s not the most reason to fly personally.

The reasons to fly by personal jet are:

  • Save Time
  • Control Your Schedule
  • Fly to a lot of Destinations
  • Increased Safety – E.g. Covid-19
  • Comfort

Chances are that if you already fly by personal jet you recognize these reasons. you’ll have knowledgeable 1st hand the advantages that a personal jet will bring you over business travel.

However, if you’re new to flying by personal jet, a number of these reasons might not have crossed your mind.

Time-Saving, Schedule & Destinations

Crucially, the first reason for flying by personal jet is that the time that it saves. this is often partly because of the second and third reasons on the list. management your schedule and fly to a lot of destinations.

If you fly personally you select once and wherever you permit from. you’re not restricted by the days that the airlines opt for. Fly once you wish.

Additionally, personal jets will fly to a lot of airports than air carriers. this enables you to fly direct routes to airports that are nearer to your final destination.

Airlines opt for routes that supported quality. However, since your jet charter may be a one-off, you’ll be able to fly where you would like.

Additionally, personal jets have way shorter begin and landing distances than airliners. This unveils an outsized variety of smaller airports to personal jet customers.

For example, within u. s. that are around five,000 obtainable airports. However, but five hundred are served by air carriers.

Finally, the key reason for time-saving – time spent on the bottom. remember the last time you flew business. however long before departure did you have got to arrive? three hours. 2 hours. perhaps even one hour.

No got to try this for a personal jet. Arrive a quarter-hour before departure then you’ll air your manner.


Safety. a district of aviation that you just should never compromise on.

The reason that private jets are thought-about a lot safe than business travel isn’t because of safer craft, higher crew, or something like that.

Private jets area unit thought-about safer than business because of viruses like Covid-19.

Flying by personal jet you’re way less possible to catch an endemic. personal jet terminals see way less use with fewer contact points. a personal jet has simply you and your passengers – no strangers except the crew. craft are wiped down a lot oftentimes. Air is freshman inside the cabin.

This is a major reason why many of us have created the switch to personal jet charter flights.


You may bump into some lists concerning the advantages of private jet travel that may ignore comfort. that’s as a result of is several cases comfort isn’t a robust enough reason for purchasers to justify flying private.

However, an advantage of flying by private jet is that the increase in comfort.

You have more room than flying in first-class provided that you have got an entire craft to yourself. There are not any strangers aboard.

On giant craft, you have got bedrooms, showers, wifi, and televisions. The craft has lower cabin altitudes and quieter cabins.

You can management the temperature, lighting, and audio.

Having an attendant aboard who can cater to your each would like. you can have the food {you wish|you would like|you wish} once you want.

The luxury and luxury of personal jets are exciting.

To ignore the comfort of a personal jet would be ignoring a major issue that makers pay some abundant time up.

How Much is a Private Jet?

The create or break for many private jet journeys.

So far you’re sold-out on flying by private jet. who wouldn’t be!

However, the biggest obstacle to beat is worth it. it’s a district of the personal jet charter trade that’s hard to only stumble across it.

No one can offer you a transparent answer till you begin contacting brokers and operators to urge costs. Even then you merely get given an estimate before you receive firm costs.

Having same that, here may be a table that shows the calculable price per hour of every sort of personal jet. From mechanical device craft all the high to reborn airliners.

Aircraft ClassPassengersMaximum RangeSpeed (Knots)Estimated Price Per Hour
Propeller Aircraft6 – 84 hours 30 minutes300$2,000
Very Light Jets2 – 43 hours 15 minutes350$2,300
Light Jets6 – 75 hours 30 minutes450$2,900
Super Light Jets7 – 85 hours 30 minutes450$3,300
Medium Jets8 – 98 hours 15 minutes430$4,100
Super Midsize Jets8 – 108 hours 30 minutes460$5,500
Large Jets10 – 1613 hours 15 minutes500$7,500
Ultra Long Range Jets12 – 1617 hours 15 minutes510$10,000
VIP Airliners16 – 5016 hours 30 minutes480$18,000

Of course, these numbers are simply estimates.

There is a spread of things that confirm the value of a personal jet charter. to boot, there area unit a series of variables that affect the value per hour. to see the value per hour of all in-production personal jets, have a glance here.

Having same that, the table on top of can offer you some pretty correct numbers of what proportion a journey can price.

For example, you’ll be able to tell that a flight from the big apple to Washington, D.C. during a medium jet can price around $8,000.

Where to Book a personal Jet?

At now you have got set that a personal jet is that the thanks to travel. And, most significantly, you’ll be able to finance the trip.

The next step is the way to book your jet charter. {this is|this is often|this will be} wherever customers can begin to urge powerless.

If you Google “Private Jet Charter”, you recover from fifty-four million results! Out of fifty-four million results, however, does one prefer to book with?

Do you contact multiple brokers and play them off against every other? perhaps you raise a friend for a recommendation? does one seek reviews?

Not to worry. Armed with some basic data you’ll be able to simply notice the most effective charter for your wants.

Brokers Versus Operators

The first factor to understand is that the difference between a private jet broker and a private jet operator.

Private jet operators are the businesses that own the craft. These are the folks that can maintain the craft, crew, and organize its schedule.

Private jet brokers, on the opposite hand, are the centre men between you and also the craft. The brokers ne’er bit the craft, they merely match the client up with the correct aircraft operator.

So, from the Google search results above, the top 3 are all private jet charter brokers. they are doing not own the craft. They supply and prepare the craft.

Fly XO, on the opposite hand, area unit 115 operator. They own their fleet of a hundred and fifteen craft.

So, that is better? A broker or an operator?

While each have their edges, for ease and convenience, a broker is usually suggested. they need access to much more aircraft and may operate globally.

Operators are much more restricted to the craft that they need to be had and also the regions that they’ll physically access. However, if you recognize the sort of craft that you just wish to fly and the region, going direct to an operator may be a good way to save lots of money.

Safety Ratings

To the surprise of many, there are different levels of safety inside the personal jet charter trade.

Not all operators area units equally and, certainly, not all craft are equal.

The key safety ratings to know about once chartering a personal jet are Argus and wyvern.

These are two independent bodies that audit personal jet operators to verify their safety. Approved operators are then added to their information.

Note that brokers also can be Argus or wivern certified, for example, PrivateFly. However, this is often way less common though an honest place to begin. check out wyvern certified brokers here.

The primary focus ought to be making certain that the operator you fly with is on the information of either Argus or wivern. needs of Argus obtainable here.

It’s All about the Service

A final issue to contemplate once choosing your jet charter company is that the service.

The key factor to recollect here is that you just area unit the client. If your contact is avoiding respondent queries before booking, then it isn’t possible to be respondent queries if there’s a problem with your flight.

Ultimately it comes down to the amount of service that you just get from the instant you contact a broker or operator.

Additionally, there may be a list of inquiries to consider asking once booking a personal jet.

Recommended personal Jet Charter firms

If the data delineate on top of doesn’t create your jet booking expertise any easier, there may be a list of brokers to contemplate using.

While brokers are generally dearer than operators, the amount of convenience and service is usually worth each penny.

Please note that we are not attached to any of the subsequent firms. This list relies upon client feedback, safety, and quality of service.

Private jet brokers to contact:

  • Air Charter Service
  • Air Charter Advisors
  • Clay Lacy
  • LunaJets
  • PrivateFly
  • Victor

If you would like to travel directly to Associate in Nursing operator, we tend to recommend:

  • Fly XO
  • GlobeAir

How to Get the best Deal?

One factor that ought to ne’er be done once flying by personal jet is cutting corners.

The risk of invariably seeking the most effective deal is that safety is compromised.

Never book a personal jet that compromises safety for worth.

The best, safest, and easiest method to fly by personal jet for reasonable is with empty legs. this is often once a personal jet is already flying somewhere with no passengers aboard. Operators then sell these flights at up to seventy-fifth off to earn some cash on the flight.

Most brokers can provide empty leg flights, like Jettly, Victor, and Evo Jets.

Cheap personal Jet Charter – ablation the centre Man

In the majority of cases, going direct to the operator can cut back prices, leading to low-cost personal jet flights.

If you’re considering flying regularly and don’t mind composing supplying yourself, services like Avinode and Returnjet will save you a lot of money.

Services like these are a comparison service for personal jet operators. In several cases, this is often wherever your jet broker can move to notice your flights.

However, services like Avinode are subscription-primarily based. Therefore, unless you fly frequently it makes a lot of sense to travel directly with a broker.

However, because the organization of a flight is a lot of DIY you must be ready to lift out some low-cost personal jet flights.

Which craft is correct for Me?

Aircraft come in all shapes and sizes. Some will carry up to nineteen passengers, whereas some will solely carry four.

The right craft for you’ll rely heavily on your route and the variety of passengers aboard. And, as ever, worth is a limiting issue.

However, you’ll be able to compare all crafts here. Or get an outline of all personal jets here.

Where am I able to fly a personal Jet?

In theory, it is first-class you’ll be able to fly anyplace by personal jet. If there’s a runway you’ll be able to notice the way to urge there.

While there are limits around vary, begin distance, landing distance, weights, fuel then on, the correct jet will get you there.