Opening A Roller Skating Rink

roller skating rink

Do you intend to open a roller skating rink? This is an excellent business to invest in because many people nowadays like roller skating. The number of individuals seeking roller skating services has grown dramatically over the years, from adults to youngsters. Roller skating is not only a terrific family activity, but it’s also a lot of fun. So, at the end of the day, you will be connecting while also enhancing the health of your loved ones. The beginning capital required may be on the expensive side, but with the right planning and finance, you will be able to recoup your expenditures within a few years of operation.

How To Open A Roller Skating Rink

Step 1: Make a Business Plan

If you want to open a roller skating rink, learn everything you can from previous rink owners. Find a couple of rinks that are far enough apart that they will not compete with your proposed rink and get as much information as you can from their proprietors. Find out why the owner is selling a rink if one is for sale. Consider purchasing it if it is a turnaround opportunity. At the very least, you can benefit from the owner’s experience. Roller skating rinks may be costly to construct; new construction can easily cost $1 million, however, location influences the cost.

Step 2:Choosing a Location

According to research, going to a roller skating rink is not an instinctive decision. Because most customers plan their trips, constructing a low-cost retail site for an ice rink is unnecessary. Look for a commercially zoned location that is close to densely inhabited areas. Building in front of an industrial park is appropriate if the property is accessible and visible. The parking lot should be double the size of the structure. According to the Roller Skating Association, your rink should draw 1.5 to 2% of the population within a 7-mile radius each week.

Step 3: Supplies and equipment

Check with the Roller Skating Association for the names of vendors for the skates you will sell and rent, as well as other equipment you will require, as you forecast your launch costs. A high-end music system, laser illumination, and ballroom lighting are all required. Include a food court and a video room in your plans; these profit centres will increase your profits. Accidents happen, so be sure you have enough liability insurance. Signs that say “Skate at your own risk” may not preclude you from being sued if someone is injured. Consider installing security cameras in the parking lot and employing a security guard or off-duty police officer, particularly if you conduct late-night events.

Step 4: Building a Customer

Base Roller-skating is a family activity, although its attraction is mostly to youngsters and teenagers. By appealing to that demographic segment, you may expand your consumer base. Reach out to schools skate nights are a popular social event at many primary schools. Church organizations might be excellent consumers as well. Promote your party space for birthdays and other special occasions. Customers who arrive in a group are more likely to return with relatives or friends. Create special events to attract more customers. Skaters will be drawn in by a local disc jockey on Friday or Saturday nights, Halloween and Valentine’s Day theme nights, a beach party night, and a New Year’s Eve event.

Tips On How To Open A Roller Skating Rink

Opening a skating rink might be intimidating, but not if you follow the proper procedures to assure your skating rink’s success. Take a look at some of the necessities for starting a skating rink.

  • Contact a supplier. A roller skating rink cannot exist without skates and equipment. Finding a quality supplier and cultivating that connection is critical to the profitability of a skating rink.
  • Rent a building. Any business needs room to begin, so acquiring a facility in a desirable location is another vital to launching a successful roller rink.
  • Get some music. – Music is an important component of creating the scene for each skate session, whether you load the jukebox or employ an in-house disc jockey. Nobody wants to skate in silence, so turn up the volume.
  • Include a snack bar. Adding a snack bar to your roller rink can help you make the most of your business. After building up an appetite, everyone enjoys snacks, so take advantage of the chance.
  • Lighting, camera, action, but largely lighting. Lights have the power to enhance and add value to the experience that customers will have at your skating rink. Let us simply state that putting on a fantastic light show will improve the consumer experience.

What are the costs of establishing a roller skating rink?

The location of the skating rink, like any other business, will determine your success. If you can’t find an old roller rink, make sure you select a spacious place with enough parking. The construction will be your most expensive investment, both in the beginning and in the long run, due to the magnitude of the space required. Current successful skating rink owners advise saving aside $4,000 per month for rent.

What are the continuing costs of running a roller skating rink?

The overhead expenditures of a roller skating rink vary based on the services they provide. Rent, insurance, and payroll will consume a significant chunk of your money. It also takes a lot of energy to keep something like this running, so plan on a sizable power bill.

You should provide refreshments for your customers. Before you begin your business, carefully analyze your menu selections, as the products you sell will determine your budget.

A portion of your budget should be set aside for ongoing and preventative maintenance as part of your company strategy. A skating rink is made up of many different parts, all of which are valuable. Preventative maintenance ensures that the entire operation operates smoothly, lowering the incidence of unanticipated issues.

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone searching for a pleasant and safe location to congregate with friends and family will be a customer for this sort of company. Customers will range from those who have never stepped foot on a pair of skates to those who skate every chance they get. Roller skating rinks are also popular among teens who want something more fun than being dropped off at the mall for a few hours with buddies.

What does a roller skating rink earn money?

Your company makes money by selling entry to the skating rink and renting out skates to consumers. Most arenas also provide event packages and sell food and beverages, which serve to attract guests and boost the profitability of the business.

How much money may you charge your customers?

This is a difficult topic to answer because fees are heavily influenced by the customer’s specific requirements. Individual skaters are paid between $7 and $11 for 3-4 hours of skating. Skate rentals cost around $5.

The majority of your revenue will come from larger gatherings. Rinks charge a least of $350 if the entire facility is rented. Parties that use the rink with your other customers charge a minimum of $150 for 10 people, with an extra price for each additional person. When developing your price structure, keep your overhead expenditures and client acquisition goals in mind.