How Salon Virtual Assistants Are Changing The Hair And Beauty Industry

How Salon Virtual Assistants Are Changing The Hair And Beauty Industry

Like other industries, the hair and beauty industry also faced an impact due to the covid-19, and a lot of factors have changed. A Major fact, salon virtual assistants are changing the hair and beauty industry.

Things used to be a lot less agitated within the hair and beauty industry before COVID-19 – clients, who were either previously reserved or walk-ins were greeted by a smiling and refulgent assistant. Coffee was served, laughs were changed and the lounge was full of life place. However, very little did we all know concerning the biological dangers of COVID-19 production in our thick.

Today, making certain consumer safety ought to be each hair and beauty industry’s goal, and plenty of the comforts we tend to take as a right are restricted by government laws to forestall outbreaks. As a result, salon virtual assistant positions are considerably wedged.

Changes in consumer management

Remember the great days once appointment gaps were crammed by cheerful walk-in purchasers who later become dotty regulars? Or once a reserved consumer came in too early or late for their visit and will enjoy a delicious meal whilst waiting to induce treatment? These things were taken care of by your howling salon virtual assistant.

Today, this is often out of the question. The hair and beauty industry within the USA and UK are needed to create important changes to their appointment-taking method – walk-ins are not any longer accepted, customers should pass a health screening form, and waiting queues should be outside the salon (if maintaining social distancing in queues within the salon isn’t possible).

Although abundant has been modified, the salon virtual assistant is typically still at the forefront of managing bookings – but, this position can also place them and the remainder of the team at risk.

If you’ve got purchasers to fill out health screening questionnaires at the salon, and one among them fails to pass it, meaning they create a risk of spreading COVID-19 – and since they’re already within the salon, well, you get the thought. As a result, the kingdom salons area unit turning to safer and additional sensible solutions for client management, within the type of a salon virtual assistant.

A reliable, 24/7 salon virtual assistant functions with very little to no outside intervention. before inbound for his or her reserved visit, the system mechanically sends a briefing reminder and a COVID-19 screening form (required by law) to the consumer, permitting them to fill it out before coming back into the salon – therefore making certain the security of your salon virtual assistant and therefore the remainder of your team.

Less pampering, more treating

By now, most salon waiting areas became vacant shells of their former selves, and salon virtual assistants will send to only 1 or 2 customers at a time. The earthy scent of freshly brewed low and laughter brought on by a variety of gossip articles is sort of forgotten – government laws need salons to get rid of reading materials within the lounge, and solely water in disposable cups may be served.

These protocols considerably scale back the chance of a scourge within the salon, however, at a similar time, they take a giant chunk out of the client’s pampering expertise.

Although a salon virtual assistant offers the consumer water and encourages them to book their next treatment or cross-sell a product, this is often typically the limit to the client service they’ll give. Safety protocols have stripped the client’s expertise within the salon of any pampering, merely feat simply the treatment itself. As a result, salons intercommunicate salon virtual assistants for taking care of salon tasks, like causing associate degree SMS notifications to follow consumers within the outside queue that they’ll are available in, or launching a “thank you” message once they’ve left.

Higher demand for in-and-out union

Let’s face it, the most recent salon regulations are pushing for additional contactless unions, reducing direct contact between employees and purchasers. This doesn’t pertain to the service supplier, however, they’re inspired to minimize treatment times whenever doable.

Salons area unit forced to control in appointment-only systems, have purchasers fill out screening forms and arrive on time, that successively, encourages in-and-out union.

As mentioned antecedently, this nearly entirely eradicates the client’s pampering expertise and therefore the want for a virtual assistant within the salon. purchasers book their visit, fill out their screening form (hopefully pass it), come in for his or her appointment, get treated, and leave. Though the bulk of your purchasers visits the salon so as to induce coddled also as treated, till government laws modification, this is often the new reality for salons within the UK.

Throughout this method, your salon virtual assistant is within the captain’s seat – managing bookings left and right, causing appointment reminders, and checking to ascertain if all purchasers have passed the screening form. And all told honesty, simply having customers fill out the form at the salon may be irritating for them – and, if not handled with care, they’ll be cross-contaminated, which can lead to a scourge in your salon. during this case, shifting to a digital answer is your best (and safest) bet.

A safer salon with a 24/7 salon virtual assistant

Even if you and your team follow the government-issued safety protocols, there’s still an opportunity that a scourge might occur within the salon. In most cases, salons have introduced their justifiable share of safety procedures that area unit to be followed by purchasers, that typically embrace having them wear face coverings, mensuration their temperatures, and a variety of others. However, a salon virtual assistant will take safety to an entirely new level. With a digital helper, you’ll be able to introduce a range of protocols, including:

  • Taking visits through online booking solely – reduces the chance of cross-contamination caused by respondent phone calls throughout the day
  • Digital screening questionnaires – by having purchasers fill these out before coming back sure their visit, you avoid doable outbreaks
  • Taking prepayments – this reduces the chance of cross-contamination from clients who need to pay in cash or credit card

Best of all, a 24-hour salon virtual assistant will send a bulk message to any or all of your purchasers, informing them of those enforced protocols, so as to avoid any confusion after they arrive. tho’ not all salon virtual assistants are created equal – solely a top-of-the-line system like Versum has these options that enable you to remain compliant with the govt laws and enforce your own.

In all honesty, a digital salon virtual assistant cannot replace the important deal, however, the globe of hair and wonder has been flipped the other way up as a result of COVID-19, and this new reality demands modification in our trade.

Safety for each purchaser and employee ought to be the highest priority for all salons – and with the assistance of a reliable salon virtual assistant, the chance of a scourge is considerably reduced.

See for yourself why such a big amount of UK salons turn to Versum for his or her go-to answer – sign in nowadays for your free account!

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What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides body services to customers while in operation outside of the client’s workplace. A virtual assistant usually operates from a central office but will remotely access the required designing documents, like shared calendars.

People used as virtual assistants typically have many years of expertise as administrative assistants or workplace managers. New opportunities are gap up for virtual assistants who are versatile in social media, content management, weblog post writing, graphic style, and net selling.

As engaging from home has become added accepted for each staff and employer, the demand for versatile virtual assistants is expected to grow.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Salon Assistant

Managing Your Appointments, Giving you more time To target alternative Things 

Virtual salon assistants let owners save heaps of their notifications time whereas staying union. as a result of you have already got somebody to require care of your time overwhelming matters for you.

You’ll be unengaged to target however your business will improve additional, or if you’re a stylist, you’ll incline ample time to consider alternative impressive offers which will lure additional customers into your salon and spa booth. whereas others are busy shifting from haircutting to respondent phone calls and creating appointments, with a virtual assistant, you must build that long-lasting consumer relationship.

More Free Time

Another known benefit of hiring a virtual assistant for salons is that the owner is saved from additional masses, feat them with additional free time, that is important throughout waking hours wherever customers should still pay a visit. This has been a clear issue heap of business people face, even outside the salon trade, and by chance, it’s been slowly addressed one technique or another with the assistance of virtual assistants.

More Opportunities

With the assistance of a salon virtual assistant, you’ll ne’er get to be disturbed concerning uncomprehensible opportunities. as an example, once a consumer calls up, you’ll be able to nearly utterly expect that your virtual assistant can mechanically answer the phone for the mistreatment of your greeting templet.

ought to there be bookings or inquiries, your assistant is prompt enough to answer these courteously. This way, you’ll be able to keep previous the competition.

Wider Target Market

Impressively, virtual assistants will do higher than what a typical assistant will. they’ll be versed enough technically and intellectually concerning what must be done and the way it ought to be done to create your business far-famed to a wider audience.

As an example, your virtual assistant will manage your social media account and make sure that an excellent bond between you and therefore the people that move with the page is made and maintained. {you can|you’ll|you may} be stunned with however simple gestures like salutation your Facebook friends or fans on their birthday will leave a smile on their faces, therefore supplying you with a well-earned smart impression.

Firsthand Success

A particular salon owner who set to rent a virtual assistant was able to expertise its perks:

  • – The assistant maintained her consumer list (which meant that duplicate entries were managed and current records were checked and updated whenever necessary)
  • – The virtual assistant two-handed out a thought for the projected social media selling and management project and content writing all for the salon’s brand awareness.
  • – The assistant came up with discount promos that eventually gathered additional positive impressions.
  • Within months, a modification within the customers’ responses was discovered feat the owner immensely happy.