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employed jobs from home

We always want a home based job that will allow us to make money by utilizing our own skill, expertise, and creativity. In fact, we always try to look for part time jobs from home without investment so that we can be independent. Here you have to take everything on your shoulder and drive alone when you are self-employed.

Even I want to be self-employed but don’t know what to do. Therefore, in this content we’ve mentioned many home based independent contractor jobs and also the secret of becoming your own boss.

What are the highest paying self-employed jobs?

Are you ready to become self-employed to live your dream? Well, it’s very essential to build up a career at the early age starting at home with the work that you love to do.

Let’s check out some highest paying self-employment opportunities that might help you to earn money as well as strengthen your career.

1. Become an investor

If you can understand the investment principle and strategy, then becoming an independent investor must be your first priority. Choose your investment, manage your portfolio and deal with the market ups & downs.

2. Graphic designer

Do you have a dream of graphics design? By following this dream you can drive a long way to build your career.

3. Freelance journalist

Do you love spending hours in research, writings and articles? Well, you can be your own boss by becoming a freelance journalist and earn money by publishing your writings based on your style.

4. YouTube Vlogger

Does posting videos and pictures on your page make you excited? Nowadays YouTube channel is a great source of income for thousands of vloggers and content creators.

5. Rent out a room in your house

Yes, this can be a good source of income that you can run from your home. In fact, it doesn’t require any investment. You are your own boss here. Learn more about Rent business

6. Online surveys

Many big organizations and companies search for Survey Companies to evaluate and compile the feedback and demographic information. If you are able to create effective surveys then this business is for you.

7. Buy & sell domain names

Buying & selling domain names is an excellent online business idea. You have to open your own page for advertising your domain names so that interested customers can buy from you. 

8. Software developer

43 Best self-employed jobs from home

According to the calculation of US bureau Software development is the most demanding and highly paid job in 2020.

Hence, you can understand the value of a software developer and his income.

9. Online tutor

The value of a tutor is increasing day by day throughout the world. So, if you’re well versed in any kind of subject or course then you can choose this job to improve your career.

10.Virtual merchant

Working as an online merchant is a great opportunity to add extra money to your pocket. Advertise and sell the goods and items on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba and others.

11. Photographer

In the present climate this job is considered a highly paid job among all other jobs. If you have your interest in photography then you should think about it.

12.Project management

Create your own business team to lead a specific work or project to attain all the requirements and meet goals and success in a particular time. If you have your interest then start your career in project management.

13. Architect

If you have a good educational background on architecture then just by making a license you can open your own company and hire clients.

14. Novelist

Many people among us have some secret talent of writing poems, novels and so on. If you have one you can also share your thoughts and creativity by publishing them on different sites.

15. Scientist

Becoming a scientist is not an easy task. But this job can be considered as the highest paid self-employment job. If you love science and technology then it can be in your list.

16. Research analyst

This sector is very efficient for those who love to do research and can solve problems with modern technique and analysis. This is an independent contractor job allowing you to grow your career.

17. Data entry

If you are looking for a home based job then it is the right choice for you. Moreover, you don’t need a lot of study and skill to work in data entry related jobs.

There are more opportunities around you to get a self-employed home based job that will also allow you to have good income. For instance virtual travel agent, online editor, online translator, search engine evaluator, English trainer, mathematician, online trading, homemade food service etc. currently are some worthy self-employed jobs.

In addition, bookkeeping, HR specialist, IT expert, craft seller and landscape designer can also be in your priority list to make yourself independent.

What careers allow you to be your own boss?

Are you looking for a career where you can be your own boss? We all dream of a job where we can change things according to our wish. In fact, I want to be my own boss while building up my career.

18. Ecommerce website

You can create your own website on different online platforms and sell different types of products according to the customer’s need. Advertise and post several offers and your services to gain customers trust.


If you have a good knowledge about marketing strategy, advertisement, digital marketing and others then you might look forward to this sector to open your own business.

20. Designing

If you love to make designs of posters, banners and logos that can meet the demand of different brands and companies then make it your first priority.

21. Web developer

If you’re searching for a job in the technological sector to grow your career then you can think about website designing. It is the best paying job and great for achieving career goals as well.

22. Teach music online

Those who have a hobby and love for music, you have an outstanding opportunity of earning money online. Amazing! Right? You can start your online music teaching class where you can teach many students globally.

23.Teach cooking online

Do you often get compliments on your cooking skill? If you really love to cook unique recipes then why don’t you take cooking classes online to share your cooking skills and recipes with other people. 

24. Statistician

Statistics is the subject which is needed in almost all sectors of business. It’s one of the best self-employment opportunities to develop your career.

25. Loan officer

A loan officer plays a major role in everyone’s life. It is one kind of job that has a great demand in our daily life starting from any big business loans to small loans.

26. Coach

This sector is one of the finest self-employed opportunities to be your own boss if you have the capability to guide your clients to their goals by teaching new skills and techniques.

27. Business consultant

Are you an expert in the business sector? Well, you can open your own office and hire clients to guide them to the right path to gain profit in the business. You can also provide your service through online platforms.

28. Artist

Do you have a passion for arts & crafts? If it’s your passion then why don’t you set up your own business and motivate yourself? Prepare yourself to be your own boss.

29. Carpenter

Does working with power tools seem interesting to you? This can be a right choice for you as according to the statistics the opportunity for this job is increasing constantly.

30. Gamer

If you love to play video games and are good at it then just don’t play for fun. You can earn a lot of money by playing video games. From many reports it’s found that a professional gamer earns over $100,000 per year.

31. Fashion designer

You can open your own brand and sell your designer clothes and other creations in different social media platforms. It is a self-employed job from home where you can be your own boss.

32. Health & beauty consultant

In today’s world health and beauty is a major part in almost everyone’s life. As a self-employed health or beauty consultant you can add a good amount of money to your pocket. And the most important fact is you can be your own boss all the time.

Why do I want to be my own boss?

One of the best perks of being my own boss is that I get a wonderful opportunity to create my own brand. Besides, I can make my own environment and hire staff and others according to my preference. Here I have the opportunity to follow my own passion and hobby.

Most importantly working for myself, creating job opportunities for others and being able to support them is a huge accomplishment. Though self-employment is a tough job, doing the job that I love is the most essential fact.

Being your own boss the only limitation is yourself. In a self-employment job you are limited by your own intelligence, talent and creativity. The more you work hard the more you can live in your dream. All the profit and loss of your business is totally up to you.

When you think about creating your own brand then just take a closer look at your ability and proficiency to decide what type of service you can provide to others.

Check all the above mentioned self-employment opportunities and choose the one that matches your skill.

Though self-employment is a great opportunity to deal with everything by yourself, it comes with a higher rate of unstable income and other risks.

So, you have to keep in mind that becoming self-employed is not the only thing. You have to be very productive to build up your own brand and company.